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Shooster Publishing, an IP holding company

Each page of a book can be a work of art. Our mission is to tease out the beauty one page at a time.

Stephen Shooster, aka Shoosty
Founder and Chief Creative Officer

Fine Artist, graphic artist, VFX artist, software developer, fashion designer, business developer, expert in customer service, and author.

Shooster Publishing
Shoosty Gallery
Shoosty Bugs
Shoosty Art Licensing

The Horse Adjutant, The Story of a Survivor of Auschwitz
Herman Shooster's Biography
Shoosty Bugs
The Art of Music
The Catalog Raisonne of Stephen Shooster, aka Shoosty

Board Memberships:

Council for the College of Art, University of Florida
Florida Cultural Alliance
Florida Wakayama Cultural Alliance

Diane Shooster
Artist Development

Multi-faceted developer of artists and licensed real estate professional. Founder of Family United Entertainment and is
 dedicated to developing artists focusing on healthy living and strong families. 

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