The Catalog Raisonne of Shoosty

A Catalog Raissone is the complete collection of an artist's works. It is a remarkable achievement for any artist.

The Catalog Raisonne of Shoosty, is the complete collection of art produced by Stephen Shooster aka Shoosty, It includes 6 volumes, 1000 pages, 2000 pieces of art in date order.
Writing, Research, Editing, Layout, Illustration, Layout, Book Cover, Draft Making, Binding, Cutting, Publishing, Social Research Group, Brand Management. It is rare that an artist can document their work and even rarer to collect everything all the back to the first crayon drawings.
Stephen Shooster - Author, Research, Layout, Book Covers
Murray Rivette        - Editor
Volumes:   6 books
Pages:        1,000 pages
Publisher: Shooster Publishing
Language: English
Product Dimensions: Landscape 11 x 8.5 inches
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