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Shoosty and Company
Our goal is to make books talk interactively. Imagine a new kind of biography where you can talk to the subject's voice.
Stephen Shooster aka Shoosty
Founder and Chief Creative Officer
Fine Artist, graphic artist, VFX artist, software developer, fashion designer, business developer, an expert in customer service, and author. Founder of Shoosty Gallery, Shoosty and Company artistic services, Shooster Publishing, 777 Properties, Global Response, Answering Service Care, and Shipwizard. Patent holder of Web call center/PSTN to TCPIP internet network
Author of The Horse Adjutant, a story of survival during the Holocaust.
Board member of the Council for the Art, within the College of Art, the University of Florida where he sponsors a scholarship. 
Over 50 years of experience in the arts.
Shoosty History
Shoosty Gallery
Diane Shooster
Artist Development
Multi-faceted developer of artists and licensed real estate professional. Founder of Family United Entertainment, and dedicated to the development of artists with a focus on healthy living and strong families. 
Lillian Taylor Štajnbaher, esquire
Licensing Expert
International and domestic trademark prosecution, licensing, and liaison with US and international IP attorneys. 
Founder / Designer of an eco-fashion line, Author of multiple pieces of music, animations, books, podcasts, fine art, spoken word, and magazine articles. Co-Founder of Mother’s Milk. Accomplished musician, and singer-songwriter.
Mitch Pierce

There is a complete overhaul of every industry in the world in motion as we speak. You may not be able to see the subtle changes but they are on track to displace just about everything. Can you imagine the transformation that your parents and grandparents witnessed in the past 70 years? We look back and ponder how obvious they were now but these people grew up with no TV's, few airplanes, no internet, no cellular phones, no computers, and cameras took photos on film. What took a hundred years to change will take less than ten. Yes, it is happening that fast. 

Imagine cars that fly, delivery by drone, robot assistants that know you better than you know yourself, 3D printing that will replace warehouses, and virtual space where just about anything is possible.

His current interest is bringing mental health treatments into virtual experiences with the help of government funding and grants.


Interactive Response Technology and PierceTech. Creator of Social Extract

Steve Majeski
Creative Director
Entrepenuer, graphic artist, business developer, podcaster, and photographer. Founder of multiple companies. Responsible for the design and implementation of marketing budgets for multiple companies.  
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