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The Art of Music

“What makes these drawings special is the music itself. I may have been moving my hand, but the music was driving the patterns. These drawings could never have been created in a quiet studio. It is actually the music that you see.” - Shoosty
The Art of Music

Live drawings during concerts


Shooster coined Frenetic Drawing a few years ago to explain his method of sketching musicians as they play. 


Frenetic Drawing thrives on spontaneity and energy. It can't be done in a quiet room. It is a form of speed drawing that embraces the moment's immediacy. The heartbeat of frenetic drawing lies in its synergy with live music. When the band strikes its first chord, his pen starts dancing. The rhythm and emotion of the music establishes the tone of the work.


Shooster draws as often as possible, especially when he is on a tour. You can find him frequently at musuems or temples drawing during the day or at a bar in the evening surrounded by live music. He frequently incorporates the daytime drawings into his night work. Other times, he may incorporate something he is studying. The point is that whatever is in his mind mixes with the music, and his hand captures the whole thing.


This method of sketching has rules. They are not hardfast. The first is the start-stop rule. The drawing begins when the band starts and stops when the band finishes. This temporal constraint fuels the frenzy. 


Second, he accepts mistakes as conceptual ideas. The imperfections become signatures of the experience. Frenetic drawing revels in serendipity. Each "mistake" contributes to the raw authenticity.


Third, conceptual exploration. Let whatever is in your mind mix with the drawing. Accept spontaneous ideas. Just let go make marks and study them later.  


Drawing sharpens your mind and enhances focus. Your hand may move fast, but your mind will slow in contemplation. 


Shooster has years of experience doing this type of Drawing. He almost exclusively uses Pilot V7 precise needlepoint pens. He claims they are the fastest pens he has ever found. It is crucial to use tools that keep your pace moving.


The outcome? A visual symphony—an amalgamation of music, movement, and creativity. Frenetic drawing captures the pulse of live performance, translating sound waves into ink blots.


Armed with a pen and paper, my hand dances to the rhythm, embraces the chaos, and etchs moments that echo the band's melodies, as well as my artistic spirit, feeding my imagination. - Shooster

2023_The_Art_of_Music_8.5x8.5_E 33.jpg
2023_The_Art_of_Music_8.5x8.5_E 29.jpg
2023_The_Art_of_Music_8.5x8.5_E 55.jpg
2023_The_Art_of_Music_8.5x8.5_E 79.jpg
2023_The_Art_of_Music_8.5x8.5_E 96.jpg
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2023_The_Art_of_Music_8.5x8.5_E 62.jpg
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