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Shoosty 2022-2023

Volume III of Shoosty's catalog includes seven art shows, a few workshops, podcasts and lectures, and a trip to Japan and Thailand. It was a banner year. This book completes Shoosty's catalog of all of his art from the beginning.
Flip Book - Best Viewed on a Computer
Shoosty_2022-2023_8.5x11_538_pgs_PREM front cover.jpg
2022_2023_Book_Shoosty_Prime_Hard_L_sm 534.jpg
2022_2023_Book_Shoosty_Prime_Hard_L_sm 502.jpg
2022_2023_Book_Shoosty_Prime_Hard_L_sm 122.jpg
2022_2023_Book_Shoosty_Prime_Hard_L_sm 525.jpg
2022_2023_Book_Shoosty_Prime_Hard_L_sm 345.jpg
2022_2023_Book_Shoosty_Prime_Hard_L_sm 492.jpg
2022_2023_Book_Shoosty_Prime_Hard_L_sm 524.jpg
2022_2023_Book_Shoosty_Prime_Hard_L_sm 469.jpg
2022_2023_Book_Shoosty_Prime_Hard_L_sm 436.jpg
2022_2023_Book_Shoosty_Prime_Hard_L_sm 405.jpg
2022_2023_Book_Shoosty_Prime_Hard_L_sm 397.jpg
2022_2023_Book_Shoosty_Prime_Hard_L_sm 313.jpg
2022_2023_Book_Shoosty_Prime_Hard_L_sm 439.jpg
2022_2023_Book_Shoosty_Prime_Hard_L_sm 122.jpg
2022_2023_Book_Shoosty_Prime_Hard_L_sm 142.jpg
2022_2023_Book_Shoosty_Prime_Hard_L_sm 307.jpg
2022_2023_Book_Shoosty_Prime_Hard_L_sm 297.jpg
2022_2023_Book_Shoosty_Prime_Hard_L_sm 424.jpg
2022_2023_Book_Shoosty_Prime_Hard_L_sm 295.jpg
2022_2023_Book_Shoosty_Prime_Hard_L_sm 240.jpg
2022_2023_Book_Shoosty_Prime_Hard_L_sm 138.jpg
The Catalog Raisonne of Shoosty
The Catalog Raisonne of Shoosty, is the complete collection of art produced by Stephen Shooster aka Shoosty, It includes 3 volumes, 1500 pages, 2000 pieces of art in date order.
Volumes:   3 books
Pages:        Over 1,500 pages
Publisher: Shooster Publishing
Language: English
Product Dimensions: Landscape 11 x 8.5 inches
Stephen Shooster - Author, Research, Layout, Book Covers
Jim Boring                - Editor

Documenting the complete works of any artist is a herculean task. Completing these volumes is a work of love and devotion, requiring countless hours.
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