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Shoosty Landscapes

Everyone loves vast vistas, ocean breezes, mountain passes, boulders, trees, big sky, and just being out with nature, especially if you are an artist with your materials ready to go. In September 2019, I retired from working. 


2021_Landscapes8.5_8.5_d 33.jpg
2021_Landscapes8.5_8.5_d 35.jpg
2021_Landscapes8.5_8.5_d 39.jpg

2021_Landscapes8.5_8.5_d 49.jpg
2021_Landscapes8.5_8.5_d 48.jpg
2021_Landscapes8.5_8.5_d 59.jpg
2021_Landscapes8.5_8.5_d 55.jpg
2021_Landscapes8.5_8.5_d 54.jpg
2021_Landscapes8.5_8.5_d 53.jpg
2021_Landscapes8.5_8.5_d 58.jpg
2021_Landscapes8.5_8.5_d 41.jpg
Shoosty Landscapes

Introducing Vector Painting

  Vector painting is an artistic technique where the digital artist creates images using volumes of vectors—mathematically defined points. Unlike traditional raster-based painting, which relies on pixels, vector painting allows for precise, scalable, and high-quality artwork. 


Vector artists construct shapes, lines, and curves using mathematical equations. These vectors are coordinates that define the position and direction of each element. Because they are based on math, vectors remain sharp and clear regardless of the image’s size or resolution. The computer handles the math. The artist uses elegant tools designed for visual thinkers.


One of the key advantages of vector painting is its scalability. Since vectors are resolution-independent, the artwork can be resized without losing quality. Whether you’re creating a small icon or a large billboard, vector-based images maintain their clarity.


Vector graphics produce clean, precise lines and shapes. It’s commonly used for logos, illustrations, technical drawings, and graphic design. The absence of pixelation ensures a professional finish.


The iPad Pro, equipped with powerful drawing tools and apps, provides an ideal platform for vector artists. Artists can create and manipulate vectors effortlessly with the freedom to work directly on the screen. A stylus pen enhances the creative process, allowing for a unified flow. It is an elegant drawing setup. Vector painting does not work well with a desktop computer and a mouse. You need a tablet and digital pen to achieve the relaxed freedom required to create hundreds of shapes that form a vector painting.


In summary, vector painting combines mathematical precision with artistic expression, resulting in visually striking and infinitely scalable professional artwork.

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