The Party Favor

The Party Favor

The Party Favor, is based on a photo
by Ze’ev Aleksandrowicz taken
during the wedding of the daughter
of the Tzaddic Rabbi Ben Cion
Halberstamm, October 3rd, 1931,
in Galicia, Nowy-Sanz, Poland. It
was part of about sixty photos taken
that day, thus a sort of party favor
for the wedding.
Completed to augment a book,
The Horse Adjutant, also by the
artist. This painting brings clarity
the coldness of the times, the
dynamic energy of the old world
Jews, and the coming electronic
age as noted by the power poles.
It is also an ominous race against
the coming clash of nations.

El Arenal

El Arenal, is based the volcano of the same
name overlooking La Fortuna, Costa
Rica. It looms quietly over the well-kept
park in the city center. It is a simple design
executed with finesse and masterful
design elements using a series of squared
swirls similar to design patterns found on
the craftsmanship of the region.
Of special interest is the hand painted
frame. El Arenal is a legacy painting
with an eye towards enhancing value and
pushing the boundaries of art history.

Frogs and Flowers

Frogs and Flowers is a large canvas depicting a surreal jungle scene. The central element is an organic organ with what seems to be opium flowers coming out of its pipes. Sitting in front of the organ, cross-legged, is a friend of the artist, Rabbi Yaakov Thompson. He is wearing a yamica and playing guitar. The rug he sits on has fringes shaped like the keys of the organ cradled between a pair of bird of paradise plants. Looking at the composition clockwise from the top a
DETAIL RABBI YAAKOV THOMPSON flute is found under vegetation that curves around the left side. White Flowers with five petals each are arranged uniformly from small to large where the holes of the flute would normally be found. Coming from the throat of the flute is a waterfall separated by a fern silhouette. Frogs are
positioned on both sides. A seed pod in the shape of the Rabbis’ face is upside down on the right side of the organ completing the composition.
Rabbi Thompson died only a few years after the painting was completed.

Historic 5th Avenue

Historic 5th Avenue is based on an event paying tribute
to the black community of Delray, Florida, with
its epicenter on historic 5th Avenue. After spending
the prior day at the Smithsonian Institute Museum
of African Art in Washington, D.C., the artist came
home to South Florida and went to this early evening
outdoor concert. Using the ethnic characters
from the museum he was motivated by the pulsating
music of the band creating a composite drawing. The
resulting master drawing developed that evening and
eventually became the subject of the painting.
The composition uses cubism, mirroring effects,
Egyptian iconography and a touch of humor in the
from of The Big Lebowski, bowling pins, and ball.

The Acropolis

The Acropolis. In the summer of 2015, the artist and
his daughter spent two weeks studying the ancient
Greek Acropolis. To achieve this, they split their time,
half in the UK at the British Museum and the other
half in Athens. The relics are found in both cities.
On the very first day in Athens, tired and hungry they
found themselves on the veranda of the Electra Hotel
with a view towards the Acropolis. The site was mesmerizing,
drawings emerged.
Painted with a palette knife, the colors show the scene
in twilight. Orange light, with a turquoise sky, imbues
the right side while purple and cobalt occupy the left.
Below the changing sky rests the old city, the Palatka.
Electric lights dot the landscape, greens, blues,
and grays and browns complete the painting, and its
unique frame.

University of Florida College of Art

University of Florida, College of Art, Using
the original photo and the artists iPad
pro with an iPencil and an App called Art
Rage the artist conceived of a version of the
college of art where all the bvertical panels
glow with color. Trees are like confetti held
still by invisable branches.
The photos show the artist’s daughter, Carly,
a student of Art History at the artist’s
alma matter.

Ron Carter

Ron Carter, one of the premier bass players
of modern Jazz was captured by the artist
during his concert tour with Pat Metheny
during the summer of 2016 at the Molde,
Jazz Festival, in Norway.
Mr. Carter, one of the original members
of the Miles Davis Quartet formed in the
1960’s, is also Professor Emeritus of the
Music Department of the City College of
New York having taught there for 20 years.
Shooster’s painting captures the master
in action. His brush strokes matched the
sounds as it was complete while he played.
Molde is the scene of the 2nd oldest Jazz
Festival in Europe.

Frank and d'Beans

Frank and d’Beans is a local band
from Marquette, Michigan. The
band played at the Blackrocks bar
when the artist happened to be
in town. Blackrocks was created
by converting a home, making it
cozy. There happens to be a stairwell
from which the artist perched
himself to capture the drawing as
the band played. That is how he got
the unique perspective.
A playful scene, the band members
are wearing oversize glasses.
Unicorn and sailfish masks decorate
the back wall. The drummer
smashes the symbols with color
waves resulting. The band seems
focused as if in the middle of a set.
Colors surround the musicians like
sound waves filling the space. A
few beer steins decorate the ceiling.
A major painting for the artist,
one year in production, Frank and
d’Beans also sports a frame painted
to match the canvas.

Jet-Age Landscape

Why Graduate

Why Graduate

<p>A graphic novel based on the true story of graduation U of F.</p>

Sainte Chappel

Sainte Chapelle is a painting inspired
by the chapel of the same name in the
heart of Paris. During the late afternoon,
they sponsor live classical concerts
featuring Vivaldi and Mozart.
Listeners hear the music while watching
the sunset transform the extensive
stained glass and exotic woodworking.
The original drawing was completed
during a single musical session. Once
in the studio, this painting took on the
feeling of a construction zone full of
architectural lines and plumb lines.
Throughout the composition you can
see icons of the State mixed with icons
of the church, clearly showing no separation of church and State.

Dual Violins

Dual Violins is an oil painting conceived
from a drawing completed in
the summer of 2012 during a Klezmer
concert by Jascha Lieberman and
company in Krakow, Poland, at the
Bats gallery.
During deep contemplation of this
painting, candles quiver, the instruments
breath, a marble column becomes
an accordion, and the lines
form a flowing interpretation of the
sounds. A unique hand painted frame
completes the work, as exciting, unique
piece of legacy Fine Art.

Tribute to Django

Tribute to Django Reinhardt is a dedication
to the gypsy guitar player extraordinaire
of the same name. Known for his
mustache bridge guitar, depicted are two
of them like old men talking in a case
shaped like a body. The lower case becomes
Django and the upper one a singer, the
artist’s daughter, Cassidy. They are serenaded
by a cello that is also tickling Cassidy’s
toe. A playful painting, Tribute to
Django Reinhardt, is a joyful and serene,
accompanied by a unique frame completing
a 21st-century contemporary masterpiece.

The Shusters

The Shusters, sitting at a pair of tables are
three Jewish men, two wearing military
uniforms. Each has a bottle of wine in
front of them with a photo of a loved one
leaning on the bottle. The far right figure
is Benzy Shuster, brother of the artist’s
grandfather, Frank Shooster. The others,
unknown, have features of the Shooster
family. This is one of the earliest photos of
the Shuster family. All these people were
destroyed in the Nazi Holocaust. The
family is from Lutsk, Russia. However,
the men are wearing Polish Uniforms.

Preservation of Jazz

The Preservation of Jazz, is a painting
based on a drawing made by the artist
, July of 2014, at an old bar called,
Maison de Bourbon, in the heart of
American Jazz, Bourbon Street, New
Orleans. It is otherwise known as, The
House of Bourbon.
Featuring two brass instrumentalists
flanked by an upright bass and
a keyboard player in the shadows.
The whole composition shimmers as
if dancing. A tip jar stands ready for
your accolades.
As a bonus, the gold frame is
hand-painted with Opaline on the
outside edge.
A labor of love, The Preservation of
Jazz, is signed Shoosty.

Bonnie Springs

Bonnie Springs Nevada, is one of the few watering
holes that was a required stop by the settlers heading
for California. We set up just beyond the tourist
parking in view of the road. Many people stopped by
to check our progress.
Shooster was contacted by an old elementary school
friend, Keith Nobel via Facebook just two days before
this event. The had not seen each other in 43 years!
Shooster decided upon a contemporary painting
where color and painterly style superceed reality. The
mountain range is narrowed to a horizon line and
the scrub brush just a few shapes. A white sky, and
yellow forground set the tone with dark brown and
pink accents.

Cassidy playing Guitar

Warrior with Thunderbird

Self Portrait with Carly

Self Portrait with Carly

Self portrait with Carly. I walked away from the drawing and she added these child like drawings.

The Yearning

The Yearning

Album cover for Kevin Gore

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